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25/04/2014 12:00
Prof. Yasushi Tsuji
Kyoto University (Japan)
Addition of Carbonyl Functionalities to Carbon-Carbon Multiple Bonds Catalyzed by a Transition-metal Complex
16/05/2014 12:00
Prof. Pierangelo Metrangolo
Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
Halogen Bonding: From Crystal Engineering to Function Engineering
20/05/2014 12:00
Prof. Sensuke Ogoshi
Osaka University (Japan)
Nickel-Catalyed Transformation of Carbonyl Compounds via Nickelacycle Intermediates
23/05/2014 12:00
Prof. Ronny Neumann
Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)
Catalytic Transformations with Polyoxometalates - New Mechanistic Paradigms and Transformations